Alternative Future Scenarios for Marine Ecosystems

Client: UK Department of Food, Environmental and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Beth Power of Azimuth managed this project on behalf of Defra’s “Horizon Scanning Programme” (she coordinated this programme from 2002-2003 while living in the UK; see Defra is the UK Government department tasked with issues such as the environment, rural development, the countryside, wildlife, animal welfare, and sustainable development. As Defra’s project manager, Beth coordinated contractor selection, supported key meetings/workshops, reviewed all deliverables and ensured that the project contributed to the Programme’s goals. To encourage debate about alternative futures for marine ecosystems, a series of future scenarios (30-50 years from present) were developed that can be used by Defra and others to challenge marine policy. The work focused at the national level, but has implications internationally. The scenarios were designed as vehicles for use by any party in testing policy and imagining the future.