Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

The field of environmental assessment and monitoring is very broad, driven by a myriad of regulatory requirements and environmental management goals. Azimuth provides a range of services from routine components (study design, field sampling, data analysis & interpretation) through to complex studies requiring more sophisticated approaches. In addition to more traditional approaches, we have used various technologies to meet project needs, such as sea bed image and mapping systems (SIMS), aerial photo surveys, geographic information systems, long term instrument deployment, sediment coring and profiling, pore water analysis, contaminant modeling and bioavailability assessments.

Example applications for our assessment and monitoring services include:

  • Environmental impact assessment, particularly related to aquatic ecological resources
  • Benthic invertebrate and fisheries evaluations
  • Baseline surveys and ecological inventory
  • Water/sediment quality and biological tissue monitoring
  • Contaminated sediment management and remediation

Our staff have provided environmental assessment services under a range of regulatory regimes, including: Environmental Effects Monitoring (pulp & paper and metal mines), effluent discharge permit monitoring, derivation of site-specific water and sediment criteria, pre-mine development baseline assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment (various authorities, including federal, provincial and Nunavut) and fisheries habitat/no-net-loss compensation plans.

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