Science Policy and Communication

It is not just the quality of the science that is the mark of a good consultant – our science must be fit-for-purpose and effectively communicated. Azimuth seeks difficult and challenging projects that suit our skills and services – such projects use the latest science and benefit from clear communication. For example, we are attracted to projects that ask questions such as:

  • What kind of evidence is needed to make management decisions for contaminated sites?
  • How can we best use available information to develop defensible policies or approaches to a particular problem?
  • What information is needed to credibly support an application for a new or expanded development, discharge or activity?
  • Does the scientific evidence support the present policy on a particular issue? What are the policy options and what kind of science would it take to evaluate them?
  • What are the views held by stakeholders and/or First Nations? How can we provide information that will support their full participation?
  • How can risks be ranked across various sites in a portfolio, so that resources can be allocated appropriately?

Experience has shown us that meeting our client’s needs takes more than good science. We must communicate our findings in the wider context of decision making, policy and public understanding.

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