Laura Bekar, MSc, RPBioEnvironmental Scientist

    Laura Bekar is an Environmental Scientist with a background in fish and aquatic biology. She has over 7 years of professional experience, working on monitoring and risk assessments for marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments throughout BC and Nunavut. Laura has specialized expertise in aquatic organism physiology and sampling techniques.  Laura is our “go to” fish sampling guru and has supported projects in remote and difficult locations.

    Recently, Laura has been providing supporting projects related to science policy and regulation such as advising Environment Canada on the impacts of “placement” of materials into marine environments for purposes other than mere disposal. She also conducted a review of the impacts of log storage in aquatic environments, focusing on management options to mitigate risks.

    Laura’s MSc at UBC involved a large-scale study with controlled laboratory and field-based components, to assess the effect of sea lice parasitism on the swimming performance and ion regulation of juvenile pink salmon in the Broughton Archipelago, the epicentre of the sea lice debate in North America.

    Laura has a “stickie” on her desk that records her run times in various events – for the same distance, the numbers keep getting smaller!

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