Cameron Bullen, MSc, RPBio, AssociateApplied Ecologist

    Cameron Bullen is an applied ecologist with an interdisciplinary background in ecological modelling, data analysis, marine ecology, and conservation biology. He applies this background to a diverse set of projects – most recently including aquatic effects monitoring for the mining sector, creation of risk-based exposure models for microplastics, and development of guidance for environmental monitoring and impact assessment of marine oil spills. Cam has over three years of professional experience in consulting, academic research, and NGOs.

    Cam holds a Masters of Science in Resources, Environment, and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia, where his NSERC-funded research used ecological models to examine historical changes and the potential for rewilding in coastal marine ecosystems of the North Pacific. Other examples of his expertise include spatial analysis of ecosystem service provision in BC, assessment of marine protected area networks in the Western Indian Ocean, and development of statistical models predicting recreational fishing effort in BC lakes. The common threads through Cam’s diverse experience are the use of large datasets, quantitative methods, and transparent science to inform decision making and answer complex ecological questions. Cam is happiest when he is using data science to address challenging questions and develop practical solutions in collaboration with multiple parties.

    Cameron lives in Scotland (working remotely!) and enjoys his spare time by running, paddling, and climbing.